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I Can Ministries


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Here are some links to other sites that I find helpful to myself, or think will be helpful to others

Creation Superlibrary

This is the largest online library on the subject of Creation vs. Evolution that I could find.  It has just about everything you need.  A great site if you are preparing for a debate.

Christian Goth

This is a truly amazing site about living the gothic lifestyle from a Christian perspective.  It is not watered down or  compromising about Christianity, but addresses it in a very direct and passionate way.

Skillet Website

This is the website for the Christian industrial hardrock band Skillet.  Their song "I Can" is where our name comes from.  They play intense music, and have a driving passion for God.  Even if you are not into Christian music, you will probably like this band

I Can Ministries
Radical Christianity for radical times